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happy customers

“Dr. Weitz is the most caring and works hard to get you back feeling better. I would recommend this office with eyes closed.”

Excellent care and treatment by Dr LaConti.

Love my Doctor and the staff is so friendly and very welcoming!

“Dr. Ritter is the best Rheumatologist I’ve ever seen. Although you always need to wait a long time, it’s worth it. We moved out of state now & really miss him.

“(Dr. Ritter) He has been my Dr. for 25 years. I wouldn’t go to or recommend anyone else.

“I have lupus for about 11 years and I have to say Dr. De Solo is my Angel. In about a week after I meet him I have control of my sickness. He always in control of my health and on top of everything related my sickness. The personal at the front and his assistant are solo professional and treat you with a lot of love and passion including the doctor. Thanks God I found this Doctor as soon I get sick!!

“Dr. De solo has changed my life I was a teenager when I first met him and since then he’s taken care of me every visit as if it was the first time. Much love for him and his staff wonderful, friendly, and very professional yet treats you as a family member.”

“Very competent staff and full-service clinic.”

“(Dr. De Solo) Excellent Doctor, Has tremendous People relation skills. Been seeing him for the last 20 years . He has always listened to my concerns and helped as much as he could . I am burdened with AS and live with it. Dr De Solo has understood and helped me an any way possible. The medical field is so costly he helps me keep my expenses under control. I really respect this Doctor and am happy I have found Him!” 

“In my opinion, Dr. LaConti is the best of the best. I have spent the last 30 years of my life with unexplained pain and no answers. Dr. LaConti is the first physician, outside of my primary care doctors, to take an active interest in helping me get a name for what is happening and give me the gift of some relief and a game plan. He is kind and actively listens. I had vowed after previous experiences to never go back to a rheumatologist and now I am very happy I took the chance in seeking him out.”

“(Dr. LaConti) Gentle, knowledgeable and well respected. He has treated my family and I on numerous occasions.”

“Dr. Laconti is an extraordinary doctor. He is very knowledgeable, he answers all questions thoroughly. He takes his time and is never in a rush. I went to four Rheumatologist in Miami before going to him and he was by far the most caring and polite. I am glad to have chosen him as my Rheumatologist.”

(Dr. Weitz) Great doctor. I have been going to him for over 30 years. I would highly recommend him. He’s the best! 

“(Dr. Weitz) This doctor is one hundred percent wonderful, helpful , understanding , never rushed, completely thorough and is up to date with new medicine. I am so grateful for finding this doctor. His staff is equally nice.”

“Dr. Weitz was very personable, but most importantly, knowledgeable and thorough. Night and day from other rheumatologists.”

Dr Weitz has been my Rheumatologist for over 30years and is amazing! He uses the latest and most trusted medical treatment available while ALWAYS listening to the patient’s concerns, questions and insights with compassion. I have had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and multiple joint replacements over the years and Dr Weitz and his wonderful staff have been there to treat, guide and support me.

“Been going to Dr. Ritter for 6 years . He is first class , very bright , and has a great way about him . Strongly recommend!”

“(Dr. Ritter) Excellent and experienced doctor. After years of going from specialist to specialist, he was able to accurately diagnose and treat me. He’s patient with me, listens to my complaints and answers all of my questions. Although it is a busy office, I did not feel he was rushed.”